THERE IS ONLY ONE PEAK: Contributing to Sexual and Reproductive Health Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

What is Development, who is in Development, doing what in what role, where and at what level (local community, national, international), in pursuit of what Development goals? There is Only One Peak highlights Marc Okunnu’s effort and experience in understanding Development, developing himself, and contributing to the SRH development of others in SSA. He tries to answer some of the questions drawing from his experience engaging in many and various levels of Development. In doing so, he provides vivid and practical illustration of some of the levels of understanding and actions involved. He asserts that while not all individuals in the various levels can produce epical results for Development, all of them, when conscious, organised and proactive, and with different capabilities, make contributions that move sustainable Development forward. In particular, young people in Development or seeking careers in it, can learn from the experience to transform or plan their contribution to make it more purposeful, strategic and effective.

Author: Marc A. Okunnu, Sr


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